Mahagun Moderne residents file a complaint against builder with Noida authority


Residents of Mahagun Moderne filed a fresh complaint with the Noida Authority on August 30, alleging that the builder has only installed an iron fence in front of the apartments when it was supposed to build a concrete wall. The residents met Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari.

Authority officials had on August 15 instructed the builder to construct a concrete wall and had said the agency would do it if the developer failed to do it.

Mahagun has at least 80 shops around the Sector 78 housing complex. Buyers alleged that these outlets, which were supposed to be convenience stores, are now operating as commercial shops and causing traffic jams in the vicinity.  The complaint against convenience stores at Mahagun was filed by the society’s RWA in April last year to the then Authority CEO, Alok Tandon.

Sandeep Chauhan, head of the Mahagun Moderne RWA, said, “Once again, we have lodged a complaint with the Noida Authority. The Authority had ordered the developer to build a concrete wall. But they have built an iron grille, which hardly solves our problem. The boundary wall is integral to the construction plan. How can a builder flout it?”

“The Authority officials have told us they would once again be taking fresh steps to convince the builder to erect the wall,” said Mridul Bhatia, a resident.

The Authority’s Senior Manager (civil department), Mukesh Vayas, said the planning department had been directed to check how the builder had proposed to construct the boundary in the original plan. “Another part of the wall is only partially built in concrete. So, the developer has built the front portion of the wall too in that way. We will get the original plan checked and see that the design is adhered to. But the design is the builder’s prerogative. If a boundary had to be built, it has been built.” Vyas said.

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